Eric Rohmann

“I was a strange kid...or so I thought at the time. When I look at childhood photographs I appear to be perfectly normal. But like most kids, I wasn’t normal in my own mind. Sure, I played baseball, tried to avoid homework, couldn’t pass up a frog without picking it up, and made pictures. All kids draw, but at some point I began to make pictures that told stories. And as the stories grew more involved I began to live more and more in the strange and wonderful world of the imagination.” ~ Eric Rohmann

Eric Rohmann was born in Riverside, Illinois and grew up in Downers Grove, a suburb of Chicago. As a boy, he played Little League baseball, read comic books, collected rocks and minerals, insects, leaves, and animal skulls. Rohmann has an MS in Studio Art from Illinois State University, and an MFA in Printmaking/Fine Bookmaking from Arizona State University. He also studied Anthropology and Biology and has taught printmaking, painting, and fine bookmaking. 

Rohmann has created book jackets for a number of novels, including the cover for The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. He won a Caldecott Honor award for Time Flies, and a Caldecott Medal award for My Friend Rabbit.

Eric Rohmann currently resides in a suburb of Chicago.