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Nights at the NCCIL: Pet Portraits

Our first event was a huge success!  You don't want to miss the second Nights at the NCCIL from 7-9 pm on July 26th.

Bring a picture of your pet or favorite animal and you will make a watercolor and blotted ink transfer of your furry - or feathered or scaly - friend!  Taught by our in-house art instructor, Taylor Beam. Find her on Instagram @tayloralexandrabeam.

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Wild About Creativity NCCIL Summer Camp - July 29-August 2, 2019

  • Get ready to go wild this summer at a NCCIL art camp! Students will engage with a variety of media and learn about exciting techniques based on art from our CALF artist Peter Brown. Find out more and register your 1st-3rd grade children for this one-of a-kind fine arts experience today by clicking here.

A Time and Place for Everything: Peter Brown - June 6, 2019-November 1, 2019

In "Mr. Tiger Goes Wild" (2013), "Chowder" (2006), and "YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!" (2011) readers learn about the beauty of being yourself and how friends will come to us when we least expect it, even if it seems like we’ve been waiting for forever!  "Creepy Carrots" (2012) and "Creepy Pair of Underwear" (2017) remind us that sometimes it’s okay to be scared, even if you’re a “big rabbit,” not a “little bunny anymore.”  Sometimes, the things we are scared of even help us overcome our fears!  We see that, with kindness, care, and an open mind, hard places and people can become beautiful.

           Peter works in watercolor, pencil, acrylic, India ink, and gouache.  After creating his original images, he scans them into his computer to combine and arrange into the stunning finished project we see in his books!  He relies heavily on storyboards to help him think through the plots of his stories.