In the Caldecott Award-winning book, The Snowy Day, a small boy named Peter experiences the joy of a snowy day. First published in 1962, this now-classic book broke the color barrier in mainstream children’s publishing. The vivid and ageless illustrations and text, beloved by several generations of readers, have earned a place in the pantheon of great American children’s literature.

Peter is a central figure in Ezra’s “neighborhood books.” In The Snowy Day, he is unforgettable as a sweet little boy in a red snowsuit playing in the snow, while in Peter's Chair, he grows up to be a regular kid, coming to terms with a new baby sister. His everyday adventures continue in Whistle for Willie and Letter to Amy. While Peter is bright, imaginative and fun-loving, his quiet, thoughtful side is evident in every book.

Based on:

The Snowy Day illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats


  • Pencil
  • Paper


Draw teardrop for the head

Draw a triangle underneath the head for the body of his coat

Draw two lines for his arms

Draw two small lines to connect the arms with the body

Draw mitten hands

Add legs

Draw a circle inside the teardrop for the face

Add hair and eyes. Color in his coats and face; add snow.

Say "Hi" to Peter!

Extension Activity
Explore your and Peter's neighborhood through Keats books. Imagine your own new adventures with Peter! Ezra Jack Keats Foundation website offers several fun extension activities on all of Keats books. Have fun with Peter and his friends!