Draw like David Diaz

“What I want kids to get out of it is that art is not mysterious. When I do my presentation and do a demonstration and lead the kids through, I want them to see that being creative or being an artist is not that different than any other interest they might have. I teach them how to draw a face in a couple of steps. They can walk out of there and say, ‘Hey, I can draw a face’.” David Diaz

Based on:

Illustrations from books illustrated by David Diaz


  • Marker
  • Paper


Draw an oval for a the face

Measure about one-third from the top of the head and add rolling hills on the forehead

Add football shapes for the eyes

Draw circles/ doughnuts in your eyes for eyeballs

Draw a three leaf clover for nose

Draw a line, and finish it off with curved lines for the mouth

Add cup handles for ears.

Add the neck and hair