Hello Berenstain Bear Family!

Learn to draw the Berenstain Bear family.

Based on:

The Berenstain Bears Out West illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain


  • Paper
  • Pencil



Draw a circle for the head. Imagine where the two center lines would be (or draw them in lightly).

Draw two smaller circles at the sides of the head above one center line. Draw a large oval below the same center line.

At the top of the oval, add two small circles for eyes and one small circle for the nose.

Now outline the ears, cheek ruffs, and chin. Retrace the upper half of your oval and erase the bottom half.

Draw in two black dots to complete the eyes. Now add a mouth.

Make the finishing touches to your bear by adding fur strokes, eyebrows, and coloring in the nose. You have just drawn a Berenstain Bear!

To draw Mama Bear, just add one of her puffy hats.

Add a tall funny hat to make your bear look like Papa.

Just add a bow to make your bear look like Sister.

Brother is even easier—he IS our all-purpose bear!

Extension Activities
Write your own Berenstain Bears adventures and bring them to life using your sketches!