Volunteer at the NCCIL

Why Volunteer at the NCCIL?

BECAUSE it’s fun! For 20 years, volunteers have been the core of the NCCIL. The small staff at the NCCIL depends on it's volunteers to help them spread the magic of picture books, while keeping admissions and programming FREE all year round. Volunteers donated 2000+ hours last year. Extra manpower on a daily basis, with programming, at events, fundraisers and in a variety of other capacities helps the NCCIL accomplish its tasks with relative ease.

Would you or anyone you know like to donate their time to the NCCIL? Find out how you can help. Get involved today!

As a volunteer:

  • Learn about art, artists and picture books, and make an impact on the future generations when you elect to volunteer as a Docent.
  • Put your enthusiasm and greeter skills to use when you volunteer as a Gallery Greeter.
  • Build new skills, keep existing skills sharp and gain experience when you volunteer as a Miscellaneous Office Staff.
  • Learn about what it takes to make a non-profit art museum work, while meeting people from the community when you volunteer for Special Events.
  • Help us spread the word about our mission, exhibitions and programming when you volunteer to become a NCCIL Ambassador.