A David Small World

A David Small World first exhibited at the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature (NCCIL) in the spring of 2001. This exhibition showcasing the works of internationally acclaimed artist David Small was updated to be featured in the NCCIL gallery in spring of 2007. From Eulalie and the Hopping Head (1982) to Once Upon A Banana (2006), this exhibition is a tribute to the wit and trademark style of David Small.

David Small works with watercolor, pen and ink, and pastel. His trademark is his attention to small details. To continually grow as an artist is important to Small.  He feels he has not yet done his best work, and enjoys challenging himself with new ideas, styles and media. Some of his best books, The Library, The Gardener, and The Journey, have been in partnership with his wife Sarah Stewart, a native of Texas. Growing up, Small spent many summers with his grandparents in rural Indiana, which fed his love of animals and country life, an affection reflected in many of his books. One of his favorite things is to sketch outdoors. His droll wit shines through both his art and in the words he writes for his self-illustrated books like George Washington’s Cows and Fenwick’s Suit, and is especially evident in the art of his award-winning So You Want to Be President?, written by Judith St. George.