School tours keep us busy in spring!

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Over eight-hundred elementary school children finish up the school year by visiting the NCCIL this spring. In keeping with one of the themes of the current exhibition, Everyday People; The Art of James E. Ransome, children were asked to paint their favorite memory of something or someone special to them. They had an opportunity to paint with acrylic paints on canvas paper. On the tour of the gallery, they not only got a chance to explore Ransome’s art and books, but also learned about "focal point."

Schools that sent their second, third, and fourth grades to visit the NCCIL included Bowie Elementary, Colorado City ISD, Home School Co-Op, Kenley School, May ISD, Meadows ISD, Miles ISD, Rule ISD, San Angelo ISD, Snyder ISD, Taylor Elementary, Ward Elementary, and Wylie Elementary.

At the NCCIL, we enjoy getting feedback about our programming. This not only helps us with our grants but also motivates us to strive harder to make our school tours fun and educational. A very special THANK YOU and a big SHOUT OUT to all the educators and administrators for giving your students an opportunity to come to the NCCIL! School tour evaluations included these responses: “We had fun doing art and learning what to look for in the paintings when we go into the gallery!” and “Students loved reading the books, seeing the paintings on the wall and comparing them to those in the books.” Our staff favorites? “Artists have to work hard” and “We LOVE the NCCIL!”

Earlier this year, the NCCIL received a grant from the Rotary Clubs of Abilene to donate a book to children in the Headstart program who attends the NCCIL’s spring Pre-school Art Adventure program. Every spring these students take a field trip to the NCCIL to do an art activity and learn about museum manners. Eighty-four students went home with a book of their own this school year. THANK YOU Rotary for your generosity!