Rental Information

Renting an Exhibition:

Every exhibition the NCCIL produces is available for nationwide travel. Venues that have hosted our exhibitions include art museums, science and history museums, universities, and public libraries.

Each of the touring exhibitions is offered for a ten-week rental period. Extended rental period options are available subject to availability and pricing.

We provide:

  • Framed artwork
  • Shipping
  • Display books
  • Exhibition brochure (where applicable)
  • Vinyl window banners (84" X 53")
  • Didactic materials to accompany artwork
  • Exhibition educational materials

We require:

  • Proof of insurance to cover the value of the exhibition
  • Environmental and security controls
  • Approval of all print materials prior to distribution
  • Deposit and shipping fees due upon contract signing
  • Recognition of the NCCIL in all marketing, publicity, and promotional materials.
  • Appropriate copyright information in all publicity materials

If you would like to receive exhibition guides with supplementary information and images, and/or are interested in renting a NCCIL exhibit, or have questions about availability, please contact Debbie Lillick at